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A Generac Guardian Series whole home generator installed by Reed Electric, Heating & Air can mean the difference between absolute misery during an extended power outage, versus barely knowing the power has gone out in your area. Generac generators are nothing like your typical gasoline-powered or solar-powered generators. When most people find out the capabilities of a whole home generator, they understand why it’s not simply a “nice to have” appliance.

What is a Whole Home Generator?
A whole home generator plugs directly into two things: Your home’s electrical grid, and your home’s gas source — whether it be Propane or Natural Gas. If the power grid goes down for any reason, the whole home generator kicks in and continues to provide power to everything in your home within 30 seconds. When electrical power is restored, the generator shuts itself down automatically.

Reasons Why You Need a Whole House Generator
1. Clean, Safe Drinking Water
Most people don’t realize how much water their family needs on a daily basis. A family of four needs approximately 320 to 400 gallons of clean, safe drinking water per day. Not just for cooking and drinking, but also for washing, toilet flushes and more. A whole home generator keeps your water pumping throughout a power outage.

2. Keep Food Safe
During a power outage, food in your refrigerator can spoil in as little as four hours. It all needs to be thrown out at that point, because it is no longer fit for human consumption. A whole home generator ensures that your food stays refrigerated and safe for consumption, even if the power goes out.

3. Stay Safe in Unpredictable Weather
It’s a sad fact that our power grid is not as reliable as we would like it to be. Every summer, California experiences power outages due to wildfires. Texas experienced a major wintertime power outage in 2020. Even if a tornado touches down hundreds of miles from Paducah, KY, you could find your home without power for several days. A whole home generator keeps your family safe — no matter what the weather is like outside or several counties away!

4. Home Businesses Stay in Operation
Ever since the pandemic of 2020, more Americans than ever are working from home. They need computers, printers, routers and more equipment that relies on electricity. You won’t face any downtime in your business due to a power outage when you have a Generac whole home generator.

5. Electric Powered Medical Devices Keep Running
If anyone in your household relies on a medical device that requires 24/7 electrical power, you have peace of mind knowing that your whole home generator is working. A power outage doesn’t have to mean the difference between life and death.

Reed Electric, Heating & Air is certified in Service and Installation of Generac Whole-Home Generators. Contact us for a quote on your home today. Servicing Metropolis, IL, Paducah, KY and surrounding areas.