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When it comes to home improvement projects, a satisfying end result is one thing. But how you get to this end result can be just as satisfying, especially if you’re tackling the project yourself. And while many home improvement jobs and home renovations can be do-it-yourself projects for those who are able to procure the right materials and handy enough to carry out the jobs, it should go without saying that some are simply best left to the experts. In this post, we’ll cover some of those projects. Here’s a look:

Home Projects to Leave to the Experts:
Home additions
Whether it’s a master suite above the garage or an office that you want to add to the ground floor, don’t try to do this yourself. Before you even start, permits will need to be pulled and zoning issues may need to be resolved. Plus, an addition may involve many of the things included in this post, like electrical work and HVAC work. It’s simply just easier to leave to the experts than try to tackle all of it yourself.

It’s incredibly important to ensure that any electrical work that is performed is done so correctly, or else the risk of injury from shock or electrocution becomes a threat. Electrical work not performed up to code can also present a fire hazard. We always suggest leaving electrical work to the trained professionals that can perform it safely and per local building codes and regulations

Proper ducting is very important when it comes to HVAC systems. It maximizes the efficiency of your system when it’s clean, free of obstructions and laid out properly. Adjustments to the duct layout may need to be addressed if you are adding an addition to your home. This will help make sure the airflow is the best for your home and wallet.

Sometimes an additional HVAC unit is required if the home addition is large enough. Adding to your existing ductwork seems like the easy thing to do, but overextending can result in reduced efficiency and increased cost.

Ductwork also needs proper insulation. Without it, it can reduce the heating and cooling efficiency of your HVAC unit. It’s highly recommended that you seek professionals when extending ductwork and ensuring your insulation is up to par.

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