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When you’re working with a contractor, it’s so important to carry out some due diligence before making you
hire. Otherwise, you could get burned. In this post, we’ll cover five questions that you need to be asking your
electrician before allowing such a professional to perform work inside your home.
5 Questions You Should Ask an Electrician Before they Work on Your Home
1. Are you licensed and insured?
Licensing is mandatory in most states and lack of insurance is a major deal-breaker. If you work with an
electrician that isn’t insured, you could be held liable if they’re injured while working on your property or be on
the hook for any damage your property sustains while they’re working.
2. Do you have Workers’ Compensation coverage
If an electrician doesn’t carry Workers’ Compensation coverage and is injured while working on your property,
a claim could be filed against your homeowner’s insurance policy.
3. Can I see your proof of insurance?
If you’re working with credible electricians, you likely won’t even have to ask for it, as they’ll likely provide proof
of this themselves. But if they don’t, be sure to ask for it. If the electrician doesn’t have anything to hide, they’ll
happily present their paperwork. It’s a good rule of thumb that electricians carry at least $500,000 in liability in
addition to Workers’ Compensation due to the high-risk nature of the profession.
4. Does this work need a permit?
For some electrical work, permits must first be distributed by the city or municipality. If a permit is necessary,
it’s important to know who is responsible for pulling it so the work isn’t delayed. Usually, it’s the electrical
contractor who pulls the permits.
5. What type of work do you perform most often?
It’s not unusual for electricians to specialize in the work they carry out. Depending on the service you need to
have performed, it’s worth it to inquire about your electrician’s experience or see if anyone at a certain electrical
service provider is best equipped to carry out your task.
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