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Your electric bill can increase significantly during the winter months as you heat your home. You don’t have to deal with being uncomfortably cold in order to save money on your electric bill each month. Keep the following tips in mind for lowering these bills all winter long while staying warm.

Lower the Temperature
Turning your thermostat setting down is one of the simplest ways to save money on your energy bill. You can try turning it down a few degrees while letting yourself adjust to this temperature change. If you prefer keeping your thermostat at its current setting while you’re working at home, you can still save money by turning it down at night. Lower the thermostat a few degrees before heading to bed, then raise it again in the morning. If you work outside your home, you can lower your thermostat setting before leaving the house for the day.

Get a Programmable or Smart Thermostat
You can save money on your energy bills with lower indoor temperatures, but you have to remember to change your thermostat setting. This can be difficult when you have a manual thermostat, so consider switching to a smart or programmable thermostat. Smart thermostats keep track of your daily habits, such as when you leave the house, and change the setting as needed. Programmable thermostats let you program settings, so you don’t have to manually change them.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance 
Having maintenance done on your heating system allows it to run efficiently. This means your furnace will use less energy throughout the winter months, resulting in savings on your energy bill. You should have maintenance done at least once a year to keep your HVAC system in good operating condition.

Think Twice About Using Space Heaters
If you rely on space heaters to save money, you should be aware that they can actually use more energy than furnaces. Space heaters can also be a fire hazard when they’re used incorrectly. Instead of relying on space heaters, make sure your heating system is running efficiently. Change the air filter in it every month or every other month, and have routine maintenance done to ensure optimal efficiency.

If you need maintenance or other HVAC services this winter, contact Reed Electric, Heating & Air. We offer high-quality HVAC installations, maintenance, and other services in Metropolis, IL, Paducah, KY and surrounding areas.