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A reliable furnace is clearly non-negotiable when the temperatures take their seasonal plunge. But if your furnace needs work this year, it might be better to get it upgraded instead of opting for a straight fix. We’ll look at the pros and cons so you can make a better decision.

Budget Concerns 
The standard rule is to replace your furnace if the repairs are more than half the current system’s value. But there’s more to consider than just the initial bottom line. The older the furnace, the more repairs it will need in the upcoming years. An inefficient furnace will also bump up the costs of your utility bills compared to the modern versions on the market today. If you’re not planning to sell your property anytime soon, it’s usually a better bet to upgrade your furnace.

Time and Energy
• Constantly calling a technician for an older furnace not only adds up, it’s also a nuisance to have to deal with:  

• Disruption: Upgrading the furnace is usually a one-time visit, which can cut down on the hassle and disruptions in your life.

• Noise: If your furnace is noisy, you can cut down on the clanging and rumbling.

• Contaminated air: The air quality of a new furnace will be superior. New technology makes it possible to filter out everything from pet dander to dust.

• Comfort: An upgraded furnace will distribute air evenly, making it possible to heat your rooms and ensure everyone is comfortable.

• Humidity: Older furnaces tend to mirror the humidity outside, while newer ones promote a healthier balance.

When to Repair
From the cost of labor to the cost of the parts, there’s no doubt that upgrading a furnace is a serious financial decision. If you only want to stay in the home for another season or two or it’s an older home that you’re planning to sell as-is, it might make sense to skip the investment.

Get Your Furnace Ready Today 
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