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Fall rolls around every year, and with it comes that annual furnace inspection. This season, Reed Electric, Heating & Air in Paducah and Metropolis has four helpful tips for homeowners wanting to stay warm and cozy this autumn.

1. Call in a Professional Furnace Technician 
This is one home repair you don’t want to DIY unless you know a lot about furnaces. One wrong move, and you risk the threat of furnace breakdown or fire. So the first tip we have is to call in a professional furnace technician. Notice what he does to inspect and service your furnace, and you’ll have a better idea of what needs to be done next fall.

2. Ask Questions 
Your furnace repair professional will probably work through several steps while performing maintenance on your furnace this fall.

These may include:
• Cleaning and adjusting your blower components
• Checking air flow
• Replacing air filters you’ve supplied
• Inspecting belts for cracks or other signs of wear-and-tear
• Tightening electrical connections
• Testing gas pressure
• Ensuring the flue is clear of obstructions

Ask for recommendations regarding the best type and brand of filters for your furnace. It will benefit you to order extra filters to have on hand when you need them and when your technician stops by.

3. Buy a Smoke Alarm
Even the most well-maintained heating system can suffer a hiccup now and then, and when you’re dealing with the possibility of fire, there’s no taking shortcuts. Ask your furnace maintenance technician about smoke alarms, and see if there’s a brand they recommend above others.

4. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute
Lastly, don’t put off your annual furnace maintenance inspection until the last minute. Your furnace technician
will appreciate you more if you don’t send him down into a freezing basement to troubleshoot a cranky system. Schedule your inspection while the weather is still moderate. This way, your family will stay comfortable and warm when those first autumn winds arrive.

Contact Reed Electric, Heating & Air for help with your furnace this fall. We proudly serve Paducah, Metropolis, and the surrounding areas with fast, efficient service and a friendly smile. Call us today to schedule your appointment for fall furnace maintenance.