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If you’re looking for practical ways to increase home equity, then you should be looking at Electrical & HVAC
upgrades in Western Kentucky & Southern Illinois. All homeowners can benefit from additional home equity.
home. A home appraiser will conduct an examination which will be used to determine the value. This appraisal is
where you have the chance to add home equity.

What Home Appraisers Take Into Consideration
Home appraisers must be certified in your state. As such, they adhere to standard practices put into place by the
Appraisal Foundation’s Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. This means you can rely on the
appraiser looking into certain specific items in and around your home. This includes the home’s Electrical &
HVAC system. To be precise, the home appraiser is looking for things that upgrade your home; not just make it
nicer to look at. Upgrading your Electrical & HVAC system is the single most easy thing you can do to add home

How to Upgrade Your Electrical & HVAC System For More Home Equity
Appraisers take into consideration the age and efficiency of all components of your Electrical & HVAC system.
This carries the most weight in their appraisal report. Here are the actionable items you can do to upgrade your
Electrical & HVAC systems:

• Install programmable thermostat
• Replace 20 years’ old furnace with Energy Star-rated model
• Install ductless air conditioner system
• Install tankless water heater
• Install under-the-sink water heater in kitchen
• Install full or partial solar array
• Replace outdated electrical circuit box
• Install subfloor heating

The best thing about these Electrical & HVAC upgrades is that—not only will they help increase home equity—
they will also lower your energy bills and enhance your quality of life. You don’t need to do everything on this
list; even one or two items will translate to a noticeable increase in your home equity. And isn’t that worth it?
Contact us today for more information and more tips about upgrading your Electrical & HVAC system.