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As the summer season comes on, we all expect to see increased costs from cooling our homes with air conditioning. But that extra expense can be difficult on a budget and hard to plan for. It can help to find ways to cut the AC bill to make the cost easier to bear. That’s definitely something you have control over through your home activities. Try these ways to lower your AC costs this summer:

Cook Differently 
While grilling outdoors is perfect for summer anyway, it gives the bonus of reducing the need for air conditioning indoors. That’s because both the oven and the stovetop add a lot of heat to your home, causing the AC system to work harder to counteract the heat and cool things down. As much as possible, cook outdoors and choose simple no-cook meals like sandwiches.

Carry Out Home Improvements
Improving some key areas of your home can make a huge difference on indoor temperature. Look to fix the spots that leak cold air and let in hot air. Steps that make the most difference include insulating the attic, crawl spaces and walls if needed, and sealing or upgrading windows.

Take Everyday Steps
On a daily basis, take steps to save. This includes raising the temperature on your thermostat when you’re not home (consider installing a programmable thermostat to help), closing doors and blinds, and doing chores with appliances during morning or nighttime hours.

Maintain Your HVAC System
You’ll cut costs by having an HVAC system that’s working at its best instead of one that’s wasting energy without fully cooling the air. To keep the system in its best working order, replace the air filters regularly and get the system serviced by professionals who can provide a tune-up, maintenance and any repairs if needed.

If you live in Southern IL, Western KY or the surrounding area, contact Reed Electric, Heating & Air for your air conditioning maintenance needs. Call 270-441-2094 (KY) or 618-524-7545 (IL) to schedule your service so we can help you lower your cooling costs this summer.