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Your central air conditioning system should keep your home comfortable and cool throughout the summer. However, if warm air is blowing out of your vents when your AC is running, there are a few things you can check before calling for service.

Check the Thermostat
Having your thermostat on the wrong setting could cause warm air to come out of your vents. Your thermostat should be on the “auto” setting rather than the “on” setting, which causes the fan to keep running without cooling your home.

Replace the Air Filter
A dirty filter in your HVAC system can cause problems with airflow, which could result in having warm air blowing from your vents. Put in a new air filter if you haven’t changed yours in awhile, and remember to replace it every few months throughout the year. You might have to change it more often if it tends to become dirty faster, such as if you have pets in your home.

Check the Condenser Unit
The outside unit of your AC system shouldn’t have any leaves or other debris in or around it, since this can also cause airflow problems. Clear out any debris you find, then run your AC to see if it’s working properly.

Schedule Repairs
If you’re still having warm air coming out of your vents, you should have a professional technician inspect your AC system and make repairs as needed. Other causes of warm air from an AC system include a refrigerant leak, low refrigerant levels and air duct leaks. A technician can determine what is causing this problem to occur and take the necessary steps to get your AC running properly again.

If you need AC repairs or routine maintenance this season, please contact Reed Electric, Heating & Air today to schedule service. We offer dependable AC and heating services for residential and commercial customers in the Paducah and Metropolis areas.