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Hot and humid weather during the summer months can easily lead to energy bills that are higher than usual. You can keep your home comfortably cool while lowering your energy usage with the following tips.

Replace Your Air Filter
Your HVAC system should have a clean air filter all summer long in order to run efficiently and maintain good indoor air quality. Check your air filter once a month during summer, and replace it with a brand new one if it’s dirty. In general, you should plan on replacing your air filter every few months or more often if your home has pets.

Schedule Routine AC Maintenance
Professional maintenance helps keep your HVAC system in good condition, so that you’ll have reliable air conditioning throughout the summer. These routine maintenance visits help ensure that any problems with your AC are caught and handled early.

Adjust the Thermostat
Increasing the setting on your thermostat by a few degrees or more helps reduce energy usage. Your home should still feel cool and comfortable, but your AC won’t be running as often. Consider turning the thermostat up a few degrees more before you leave your home for the day.

Clear the Area Around the Outdoor Unit
Make sure weeds and debris aren’t blocking any part of your outdoor AC unit. Trim grass, bushes and other vegetation, so that your outdoor unit has unrestricted airflow on all sides. This helps your AC run more efficiently and reduces the risk of repairs.

Use Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans help circulate cool air from your air conditioning, which can make rooms feel more comfortable. When you use your ceiling fans, you can turn your thermostat up higher during the summer months.

If you need AC maintenance, repairs or installation this summer, please contact Reed Electric, Heating & Air for more information about our services. Our HVAC experts provide high-quality heating and cooling services in Southern Illinois and Western KY.