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Heat and humidity is on its way! Is your AC ready? Your spring cleaning and gardening routine is incomplete without the AC check. Help your system do its best all summer, with this three-step checklist.

  1.  Replace your old air filter. Your system needs a clean, efficient air flow. But first, grab a Sharpie and write the date on a tag or sticker and place it on your furnace, so you can remember later when the filter was last changed. Every one to three months—and never longer—change the filter.
  2. Trim the weeds and bushes growing around your AC unit outside. To ensure the optimal air flow, keep two feet of cleared space around the unit.
  3. Have a pro check your system. A regular maintenance check on your car is important, and your AC needs one too. Have your filters changed, your connections checked, and your condenser unit cleaned of debris.

At least half your electricity use goes into heating and cooling your home, and keeping your system well lubricated, cleaned and connected will maximize its cost efficiency. It can also prevent breakdowns from happening in the heat of the summer—the least convenient time. That makes routine checks a good investment.

Pro tip: You can cut your AC bill by 10% by strategically adjusting your thermostat. Set it above 78 °F when you’re away at work on summer days.

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