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Home backup power can make all the difference in the world during a thunderstorm, a natural disaster or a blackout. Your backup generator enables you to maintain comfort in your home, even when modern conveniences are temporarily unavailable. At Reed Electric, Heating and Air, we install home generators the right way, so our customers can live comfortably when the power goes out.

Why Get a Home Generator?

Generators keep the power on during storms and planned outages. Your home generator can be one of your most valuable tools, by enabling you to enjoy the conveniences of modern life at all times of the day or night.


The power always seems to go out at the worst time, either when it’s very cold or very hot outside. Your home generator makes it possible to run a fan or a small heater, even when the electricity isn’t working. Comfort is important, especially at times of year when weather is most extreme.


Life gets harder when you can’t turn on the lights, open your refrigerator or use your most basic appliances. Your backup generator makes it possible to maintain the conveniences of the modern world as you wait for the power to be restored.


If your home relies on a security system to keep your family safe, that security system should be turned on at all times, and your backup generator can make that happen. No matter what’s going on with the electrical grid, you’ll know that your home is protected.

Get Your Generator Installed Today

At Reed Electric, Heating and Air, we help homeowners maintain quality of life in their modern households. Live safely in your home with a backup generator that has been properly installed. Contact the professionals at Reed Electric for an installation now.