from Reed Electric, Heating & Air
Be Prepared with a Generac Standby Generator from Reed Electric, Heating & Air

Reed Electric, Heating & Air wants to keep your home and business ready for any situation mother nature throws at you. Whether it be a winter freeze or a severe spring storm, we can keep you prepared for a power outage with a standby generator from Generac.

If you’re a homeowner or business owner, a Generac generator is the one for you. These generators will automatically switch on and immediately restore power to your home or business in seconds in the event of a power outage. Even though these generators sit outside, the automatic operation ensures you don’t have to put yourself in danger by going outside during severe weather. No matter if you’re away on vacation or right at home, the generator will automatically start and restore your power.

Generac generators run on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel. The generators run power directly to your home and no extension cord is needed.

How the Generac Generators Work:

  1. Power is lost
  2. The Generac generator senses the loss of power
  3. The Generac generator automatically switches on
  4. The Generac generator restores power to your home
  5. You are happy and relieved

There is little maintenance required with a Generac generator. All generators require a regular oil service, same as your car. Refer to your owner’s manual for details on which type of supplies should be used. Generac generators should be serviced every 12 months. You can schedule an appointment with Reed Electric, Heating & Air to have this done.

The best way to find the right Generac generator for your home or business is to call Reed Electric, Heating & Air for an assessment. You can also use Generac’s online sizing chart.

Prices for a Generac generator vary. After your assessment, a Reed Electric, Heating & Air employee will give you a price quote based on generator size, installation fees and local electrical codes.

Reed Electric, Heating & Air is one of the Purchase Area’s only Generac sales, service and warranty dealer. This means our employees have completed the comprehensive training and education needed to perform warranty work if it arises on the generators Generac supply to our customers.

According to Generac’s website, their generators are preferred by 7 out of every 10 homeowners. If you are interested in learning more about Generac generators or want to have an assessment done on your home or business, call us at 618-524-7545 or 270-441-2094.

Reed Electric, Heating & Air will also service and repair all generators, not just Generac. No matter the brand, when it was installed or who it was installed by, Reed Electric, Heating & Air will be there for you.