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> Automatic/Portable Units

** Reed Electric, Heat & Air is the only local Generac Sales, Service, and Warranty Dealer**

> Generac will only allow companies which has completed the necessary training and education to perform service or warranty work on the generators they supply.

Power outages can happen. Sometimes they last for hours, sometimes days, and in extreme cases—sometimes even weeks. So you have a choice: you can either sit there and cross your fingers in the dark, hoping that the electricity comes back on quick. Or you can be prepared with a stand-by generator that will automatically switch on and immediately restore power to your home or business.

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  • You will be satisfied with our work—We have a 96% customer satisfaction rate. That means almost every single customer we have ever helped has been 100% satisfied with our generator product, installation, and service.
  • You get the best materials available—We don’t cut corners by providing subpar materials. We use the best of the best to ensure your satisfaction.
  • You get actual employees, not subcontractors—So many companies that sell Generac generators sub out jobs to save money. As a result, you never know who is walking in your house to do work; and neither do the companies sending them to you. .
  • From generator purchase and installation to repair and servicing, we handle it all.

For these reasons and so many more, we are your number one provider of stand-by generators in this region.

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